The image and credibility of the brand Piermaria is obtaining great success not just in Italy, but also in all European and International markets.

A focused and effective distribution and organizational network and the development of products in harmony with the tastes and requirements of different cultures are the winning weapons with which Piermaria has made its way to the international market.
To date, there are over than 200 dealers who place their confidence in the quality of Piermaria’s products. New horizons are always just around the corners.

Capital . Moscow

via Talalihina 2/1 korp.4
Moscow, Russia
T +7 (495) 676 94 65
F +7 (495) 676 15 80

Capital . Kiev

Kiev, Ucraina
ul. Konstantinovskaya 1, off.8
T +38 (044) 228 98 87
F +38 (044) 425 46 40